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"Experience Matters, 

Integrity Counts"

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Putting My Experience
to Work for Modesto

Modesto faces many challenges. We need more good paying jobs for our residents. We need to address quality of life issues like homelessness and petty crimes and we need to maintain adequate funding and training for our essential service like police and fire. That will not be an easy task in our current economic climate. But as City Council Representative for district one I will work tirelessly to make any tough decisions in unison with the residents of Modesto.

I am confident in my abilities as a problem-solver and someone who looks for common ground. A fractured City Council can never be as effective as one that works to find a common vision that reflects the goals and values of the people they represent. As a member of the Council, I will work hard toward finding a common vision – one which is built on community trust and diverse input. 



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